“Podiatry is a branch of medicine that specialises in the management of the foot, ankle and lower limb to help individuals achieve their lifestyle goals”

At Ace Sports Medicine the podiatrist has a key interest in:

Sports medicine: Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis

Biomechanics: Rolling in (pronation), rolling out (supination), flat arches

Paediatrics: In-toeing, tip-toeing

Surgery: Ingrown toe nail surgery

Diabetes: Diabetes assessment and monitoring, wound care

Arthritis: Osteoarthritis of the knee and foot, rheumatoid arthritis

Orthotic therapy may be incorporated into your overall management program. These are a custom made inner sole which helps with the alignment of your hips, knees and feet for your best mechanical advantage. Not everyone needs orthotics, however they can be used to improve posture and treat foot pain, leg pain, childrens’ abnormal walking patterns and growing pains. Additionally they can help in the prevention of future injuries and abnormal footwear.

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