“Pilates helps prevent your body from injury and maintain a healthy outlook on life”

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The focus of pilates at ACE Sports Medicine is on absolute control of your own core strength. The classes are held by physiotherapists who will assist you towards achieving your healthy goals by guiding you through a well devised pilates program.
The physiotherapist initially takes every person through a musculoskeletal assessment so that we can reduce the risks of injury and help develop the appropriate program for you. As part of the assessment we use a diagnostic ultrasound machine to give us a reading of your core strength parameters, in particular transversus abdominis, which we can compare to at a later date.
We offer private one on one (one physiotherapist and one patient), two on one (one physiotherapist and two patients) and group sessions (maximum of 9 patients). The pilates classes are one hour long and incorporate numerous styles of exercise including the new Flowin® friction training. This uses the best form of muscle activation to date to help strengthen and control your core strength. Additionally we incorporate mat exercises, magic circles, bands, balls, posture poles and rollers.

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Check out this video of the Flowin® friction training:

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